Sermon 11.18.12 Phil 3.1

Sermon 11.18.12 Phil 3.1.doc
Bethel sermon: Philippians 3
Title: finding the tipping point
Text: Phil 3:1-8
Theme: Remaining happy in a world of High achievers.
(10) Intro:
I grew up with a Tip it game in my home. The game required that we able to remove brightly colored discs that in removing them might unbalance our high wire acrobat perched precariously atop the game. The game would only tolerate so much lean before it came down and if it did on your turn– too bad, you lose. That same tendency towards tipping still confronts us…

The Disease exposed: I’ve been privy this week to the inner struggles of many of my students as they have shared their personal narratives as a requirement for my class.
They describe in different scenes a similar story of inadequacy, a desire to achieve success and to be loved; first by their parents, and if not, by someone else… In some cases, by anyone who would.
They describe a path through drugs, sex, and food abuse; where peer pressure consumed them, manipulation enveloped them, and always the desire to be someone, consumed them. For some the struggle to succeed and achieve was decreed them at birth by parents consumed by a similar dream that alluded them for a lifetime.


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