11.21.12 Thanksgiving service

Bethel Baptist Church: 11.21.12
Thanksgiving service
Intro: a people on the move toward a better life:
My father’s family
We are a wandering people– it is infused within our spiritual DNA to move out from the ordinary of our own origins and look for the place if blessing. Throughout our discussions tonight we will assume the place of the pilgrim. In that journey to a better place, we can begin to understand what our forefathers saw– feel what our trailblazers felt, and hear what our Patriarchs could only envision.
As early as Genesis 8, God brought Noah and his family face to face with their future: you cannot remain in one place when the earth is intended for production, development, and managed stewardship. Genesis 8
Genesis 3
You must move out from the land you dwell and settle the life you will lead. The movement I have made toward a relationship with us will now be tested by of movement of obedience toward God. Because of Abraham’s movement, a nation gets its life
Because of Joseph’s movement, a nation sustains its life
Because of Moses’ movement, a nation comes to life
Because of Joshua’s movement a nation finds its life…
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