The week between the ends for October 14, 2014

Subject: What’s happening this week at Bethel Baptist

The Week Between the ends
October 14, 2014

Breaking News: Missionary Ed Weber Thailand. October 22. Supper Here! Potluck…
Good Tuesday,

Here we are nearly in the middle of the week. This past Lord’s Day we were confronted with the words of Jesus about a subject that is so difficult for most of us to embrace. With the exception of few rivals, death confronts us with a moment of truth- trust God in what we cannot can understand, or simply trust in the platitudes associated with a weak faith. Martha struggled with the former, Mary embraced the latter. The week may be clouded over with the coming of Fall, but our personal world can enjoy the brightness of the living God within. Enjoy the journey!
The Lord’s Day to come: WWJS about His Church

What good books are your reading this week?


Our AWANA Bible Club is now meeting on Sunday evenings at 5:15-7:00 pm. Let’s get busy and invite someone in your circle of friends to this great club. Young people need a group of friends that can stimulate them to godliness and a connection with leaders who have their best Spiritual interests at heart. You may not reach that potential with most sports teams and you won’t get the connection with the local church in “Rocket Football.” Our course is clear and the challenge specific… Run the race, that we may win in Christ– never to become a castaway ( I Corinthians 9:27).
Our next Sunday supper: 1st Sunday in December: 4:30 pm

What’s Brewing this week in the Cafe?

The Study: Revelation
The format:
6:00- 6:00 Fellowship and food
6:10- 6:15 Singing
6:15- 6:45 Interactive Bible study
6:50- 7:05 Group or individual prayer
7:05- 7:10 Closing song

Currently, we find ourselves in Revelation 16-17. Come out and join us. Why not, read through these two chapters before you arrive. If you desire to pray by yourself… we have the room. Snacks will be provided.

Men at Work works
Men at Work
Book: A.W. Tozer:That Incredible Christian
Topic: The Increasing Knowledge of God.
Chapter: Resisting the enemy, pg. 87
When: Fridays at 6:30, Cousins Restaurant, SH
Hook: “Come for the first time and I’ll buy you breakfast” — Pastor Mark

“Another enemy is complacency, Woe to them that are at ease in Zion. The Contented Christian is not in danger of attack, he has already been attacked.” pg.88.

Prayer… as necessary as air itself

The Marks of an effective and healthy church! Is the CHURCH healthy? Or, is our church healthy? What do you think? I wonder how long the Lord will allow us to soldier on, undermanned and outgunned in the absence of any real interest in Our God, His Son, or the communication that must exist between Him and us. Prayer is as natural as breathing for the saint rightly conditioned and as necessary as oxygen for the church’s survival. Prayer discipline begins with a earnest desire to connect with the Living God and soon seeks out an environment that with help it thrive. We have the perfect environment. Do we have you? To that end, I have provided a guide for the “beefing up” of our Christian walk with God. Click here for the attachment.

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