Weekly update

Note! My usual group email has recently suffered a setback so I am falling back to plan B.

Hopefully my former format will be restored sooner than later.

ALSO LOOK BELOW! First look at little Edmund!

Good week to you!
Last week we completed a 3 part talk entitled, WHAT JESUS SAYS ABOUT PAIN.
We intend to continue the series this week by examining the Lord’s heart when it comes to evangelism.


Cafe Bethel:
What Jesus says about being misunderstood. The PDF is available below.

Men at Work
Our study of Tozer’s THAT INCREDIBLE CHRISTIAN continues.
This week’s installment of Tozer on demand… Tozer says that it is required that we look beyond what we think God wants us to DO and instead concern ourselves with what or who He wants us to BE.

A: Adoration
God’s holiness: what do you know about.
God is all powerful… "ISIS" beware
God’s care surrounds you!

C: Confession
I have sin and sins… So do you. What account in your life needs a spiritual audit?

T: Thanksgiving
God’s blessings on your life what are they
Larry Heinig’s successful Gideon presentation in U.P.
Janet as she participates in a new member class
Improvement of Bob Clemons.
Pam Burchfield is a grandma to twins

S: Supplication
~ Continuing needs of Delores Carrier
~ continuing needs of Cole( Jill Pensinger’s great nephew).
~ Dan and Kim Congrove have another offer on their house
~ safe trip for Byers
~ plans for 50th and for successful VBS.
~ our kids and us: a productive summer
~ what else?
~ our AWANA and term leaders: continued growth
~ The Burlingham family


With a busy summer in front of us we cast our eyes to some important dates:
July 11-12: the all church camp out — on the grounds at Bethel Baptist Church

August 11-15: Daily vacation Bible school with Dean Brown. Why not start inviting now!

August 24: Bethel Baptist Church 50th year celebration. A number of the former pastors will join us and we are anticipating a joyous time of celebration.

Lastly, interested in my blog?


WWJS misunderstood 6.18.14.pdf


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