Build something

Recently, I viewed a short video presentation from Rick Warren that encouraged me about the path that God has me traveling. Rick Warren is of course the pastor who wrote what has turned out to be one of the most popular book Christian or otherwise in recent times, (The Purpose Driven life), and because of that someone who commands a significant influence in the Christian community. He made the statement in the video, “I don’t do what I do for the money, and I know that the thought is out there that pastors do, but I’ve never met any of them who have.”
For myself, I get up every morning and when my feet hit the ground I am engaged in thinking about the great things that God has allowed me to do and what can I do next that will stimulate the kingdom for God. What our church needs and what every church needs is not new and exciting programs, as valuable as they may be, but rather the burden found in Nehemiah as he looked over the ruin of his precious Jerusalem and pleaded for the vision and the resources to rebuild the place associated with the fellowship of God. How badly do we care about God, the cities that are in disrepair and the opportunities He has given us to do something great? Why not check out Nehemiah chapters 1 and 2… and then, grab a brick and let’s build something.

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