Christmas 2012 vol 3

Bible School opening: Two installments: Hymn shorts/ December 16/23: Angels from the realm of glory; What child is this.
Bethel Christmas sermon vol 3: 12.23.12
Title: What were the hopeful thinking?
Big Idea: Great anticipation produces single-minded service for Christ.
Intro: what longing looks like? Think about the major events you have waited for. I anticipated the onset if shaving with a combination if passion and practice– trying out my hand with a blade less razor of my dad’s and enough shaving cream to cover my body.
If I were to ask our younger members what they were greatly anticipating, the top two might be driving and dating, maybe followed by being out on their own.
But what was the Jewish world waiting for as the world clocks shifted from BC to AD?
Since the day that Adam and Eve stepped back from God’s plan and into their own way, the believing community had waited for an answer to Eve’s plight…” Have I gotten a (real) man from The Lord?” What was the Jewish world thinking?
Certainly, hope was part of their vocabulary, but for many in Israel, hope was spelled “MASTER”– In other words, Master of the world, and Lords of all the nations… William Barclay helps us here…
“To bring in that day some believed that some great, celestial champion would descend upon the earth…. Another king from David’s line and all the glories would revive; some believed that God Himself would break directly into history by supernatural means. But in contrast to all that, there were some few people who were known as the quiet in the land. They had no dreams of violence and of power and of armies with banners; they believed in a life of constant prayer and quiet watchfulness until God should come. All their lives they waited quietly and patiently upon God. (Barclay, pg. 26)
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Christmas 2012 vol 3.pdf

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