Christmas memories

Hi men,
I thought rather than spending time in our book I might inquire about the book that is your life.

What is it about the Christmas of your childhood that most lingers in your mind as an adult?

As you have grown, what memories have you made with your family?

What us the most important aspect of Christmas for you?

Be honest now; Don’t tell me what you think I want to hear…

For example, I have great memories of being allowed to open one gift on Christmas Eve.

Another memory is attending a mid-night Christmas Eve service at a church in our hometown and being captivated by the beauty and circumstances surrounding this service.

And finally, great memories of the other mindedness of my parents and the extravagance that they lavished on me… And always, they would say…”Well, we had to cut down this year…”

Ok, those are some of mine. What’s yours?

See you tomorrow… Weather allowing!

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