Cafe Bethel: 12.05.12

Title: Combatting the Pathology of Hate
intro: It is instructive to review Israel’s recent response to the rocket attacks into Tel Aviv. Throughout her history, Israel has been the target of hatred and terror– literally at the doorstep of extinction; in recent history at the hands of Adolph Hitler, and earlier, enslaved at the hands of Pharaohs.
But in John’s Gospel, the people of God are the perpetrators of hate. It is the religious people to which Jesus assigns the greatest capability to hate– First His disciples, then Himself, and ultimately, God Himself.
As we have been examining the growth and development of the disciples, it is imperative that we discover and process the challenges associated with hatred that will come from the larger unsaved world and the more insidious hatred couched in the hypocrisy and arrogance of the world within the boundaries of Christianity which finds its greatest sin, that of unbelief and of its own pride.

I don’t want you to be scandalized… 16:2
It should be viewed as a matter of fact. That is not to diminish its significance but only to acknowledge its reality.
It’s history of hate includes a greater hate for Jesus
It’s part of their connection to Jesus. (15:19) Par for the course when you have attached yourself to the Light of the world.
THE ORDER OF THE HATRED: The disciples, Jesus, and Ultimately God Himself.
Man’s real attitude toward God is displayed in the treatment of the men and women who serve Him.


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