Christmas 12 What were they thinking?

12.2.12: Bethel Baptist Church
Bible school opening: Ps. 122:
Ps 122 is the Psalm of the person who wants to go to church to worship. Are we caught off guard? Real worship is not forced.. It flows…
We worship… Why?
According to Eugene Peterson, worship provides a structure for life. The center of a believer’s reality: we are created, we are redeemed, and our needs are met.
Metaphor for life. Jerusalem was structurally sound, no missing pieces and what all was different about them… In similar fashion, when we worship the distinctions that divide us are dissolved into a common bond, worshippers.

Series: Christmas, 2012: What were they thinking?
Intro: As I look back upon the actions of those within our own government and influential in the business world, we often find ourselves saying, “What were they thinking?”. Women would come into our centers, repeating yet again the bad judgment associated with promiscuous behavior that often ends in pregnancy, too often in another abortion. What were they thinking? Our generals, riding the popularity of great victories and success only to throw it all away for the transitory moments of pleasure… But there are the good examples… What goes through the mind of a NY city police officer who buys a homeless man shoes out of his own pocket? What was he thinking? Same words… Same sentence but different results. To begin to to answer that question, my Bible is open to Ps. 139:16.

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