Cafe Bethel 11.28.12

Cafe Bethel for 11.28.12

Intro: what was once so new to these men has now become a training manual in their minds. While not yet able to access the specific page and paragraph of the training, Jesus has nevertheless cataloged it for them and it is anticipated that it will be accessible when the time comes. But for now, the discussion turns to the value of His work and the expectations He has for its success and productivity.

Hear the parable: [Colson: page xi]

What has become if work in our own age? Growing up in the 60’s and 70’s automobiles from Japan were the stuff of belly laughter, but now 40 years down the road, who wouldn’t like to own a Honda or Toyota for their expectations of quality.

So: consider, then, when discussing the future work of disciples and their progress toward being fully equipped, what Jesus thinks of this work.

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