Sermon Phil. 3.9 11.25.12

Title: And yes, there is an antidote
Intro: I served in the military during a time that assumed the potential for nuclear, biological and chemical warfare and the fear of active nerve agents was real. So it shouldn’t surprise you to learn that we were regularly schooled in the use of atropine as an antidote for common nerve agents thought to be in use by the enemies of the United States. The atropine was administered through very compact one dosage injectors carried by individual troops. When injected into the meaty part of the thigh, the antidote was dispersed throughout the body. With this as a backdrop then,

Premise: Discovering the antidote for the disease (self- righteousness) that we have been discussing, puts me on track toward the long-term cure!

Transition: Rejoicing in The Lord for his finished work in our lives overwhelms any value in putting a personal trust in the stuff of my own efforts, no matter how much I have come to believe that more work is better than little.

The underlying theme then is the value of such a relationship. Paul’s assessment:
(7) but whatever things were gain— these were counted as loss.
What were the many, when reflecting upon his achievements, were all rolled into one large Loss! Many gains, but nothing carried over to the credit side…. One very large debt load!
(8) More yet! I count everything a worthless excrement, vulgar and distasteful, in view of the surpassing value of knowing Christ Jesus, my Lord. The Savior, sovereign king, and Lord of chapter 2 has now become, Christ Jesus, my Lord!

Transition: how that surpassing value is understood and dispensed is the key to the effectiveness of the antidote!
How then to understand the antidote? Think of it in terms of…
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