Boys to men

TITLE: The questions pupils ask in route to maturity
Text: John 13:36-14:31
There are always challenges going from the “nursery” through “adolescence” and into the school of hard knocks. What do you make of their questions?

1. Peter’s question: Where are you going? 13:36
Answer 1:
Answer 2:

The previous correctives to the disciples had yielded no firm resolutions in their minds about the real nature if Christ. The lesson had been impressed upon their minds but left for the moment no viable imprint.

2. Thomas: (14:5) We do not know where you’re going?
The statement of Thomas is consistent with his demeanor. The question of Thomas may be more of an apology for not asking further questions. Is this a gentle complaint expecting the disciples to know more of what they do not?

Thomas after all delights in a gloomy outlook. Jesus’ explanation a well spring of truth that the disciples did not ask for.

Answer: the importance of people over places. ” if you know nothing of the place (where) to which I go, then concern yourselves the “Who” of the destination.
The truths:
Jesus is all you need; where truth or life, or light or reconciliation…
Look to me for your only hope and help!

3. Philip: (14:8): it is enough to see the Father
Knowing me= knowing the Father
Philip wanted to see the Father as he saw Jesus; visually present and available; an outward object of his vision.
Having been with Jesus for years, they had yet to find real rest and satisfaction in Him alone. Still craving for something beyond Him; all the while what they sought was right in front of them!

Like children who are able to quote all the AWANA verses, but are unable to give you an explanation if what they mean. They could identify all the important pieces of the puzzle but could not put them into place to form the complete picture they were seeking. The clarity had yet to descend upon the disciples that would allow them to understand all that Jesus gave them.
That in part would be the Spirit’s job.

And more…
A great disconnect between the person of Jesus and the person of God. So it’s not surprising that cults thrive today on the basis of misunderstanding of the person of Christ.

The words of Jesus about himself was personalized and powerful– touching eternal life and divinity that one can truly love.

4. And finally, Judas: (not Iscariot)14:22
How is it that you are going to disclose yourself to us and not to the world?
“We had been hoping for your coming kingdom where power and glory would be the rule, and visible to all…”
Why have you changed your plans?

And this is Jesus—
Have you yet to grasp the results of Christ’s spiritual presence?
What’s called for here is better vision! He didn’t bother with complex explanations of personal or corporeal presence. The great questions of life are best resolved by obedience and singleminded love rather than fanfare and easy answers.

A dying legacy of peace as a rule of life.
My departure a sign of joy : “the way is hard but it is the way for Me”

Now, finally a change in mood. The supper now concluded, they must now to engage the work of the evening.
Jesus, ” let me leave the discussion as children questioning their parents, and now I must talk to you like men.


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