Cafe Bethel for 11.07.2012. Judas

Cafe Bethel: November 7, 2012
Your weekly walking stick: The longer, harder climb: From Sunday to Sunday to Sunday we
need more than a memory verse to keep us moving forward and with vitality. I introduced Psalm
121 on Sunday and suggested, thanks to Peterson, that this is the Psalm that tells us we have it
wrong– the reminder to that there is one who has it right! What I’m packing is the daily token
that keeps us walking. For those if us who stumble, get slowed by the sun, and emotionally worn
out, there is help– answers– God won’t allow you to stumble… Wait a minute… But we do. Does
that mean the Psalm is wrong, we ‘re wrong, or worse yet, God is wrong? My help doesn’t come
from the hills and mountains because it can’t over me anything lasting or workable… But God
can… Yep the creator, not the creation! More… As this story develops!



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