Sermon. Phil.

Bethel Baptist Church
Philippians 2:12-18: Title: A Greater Balancing Act

Intro: it seems growing up, I heard two expressions from my mother most often: she would say, now Mark settle down, and I would continue to roughhouse unabated. Mark ( somewhat louder, more forceful and with the look), and… I would press on with my fun. Now at this moment, one of two things would happen; she would make me come and “sit still”or at times she might say, “your laughing now but soon you’ll be crying… And usually she was right. Uncanny! That same quest for adventure sometimes made its way to elementary school. Boys in 5th or 6th grade love being the king pins of the playground and a number of us rowdy boys banded together, pretended like were agents from “The Man from Uncle” and swept over hapless half pints and girls, pushing them down or in the case of those impressionable young starlets, scared them… Stop, cease and desist, we were told; but no… Shortly thereafter I was spending my lunch periods for the next two weeks in the principal’s office, no man from uncle, no male power, and no fun…
We are men and women who gravitate toward extremes in most areas of our life; too much play, too little disciple, too much license, too little discretion. There was a time in my kids’ lives when everything revolved around dinosaurs
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Sermon. Phil.

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