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Many years ago, along a dusty road, men and followers entered the home of an unknown beneficiary. While they ate they talked about their futures and their kingdom fortunes; each of them only inches from the Master… It was only then John tells us that Jesus took the basin and humiliated Himself before them.

Transition: if we’re honest,we all tend to take our cues from those we most admire. For me, my father, mother, and others… For you, other similar choices might fill your score card. Paul looking backward to his own conversion, and recently to his fellowship with Peter likely understood the power of example in the life of His Savior. Peter might have remembered well that night in the upper room, when Jesus stripped Himself of his garments and girded his waist with towel; entered into humiliation for the sake of his disciples.
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Sermon Phil

Mark J. CongrovePastor: Bethel Baptist church, South Haven, Mi.
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