Vision by the numbers

Hi guys,
Chapter 5b
Ok you have probably been reading Numbers 13. What jumps out at you?
The author suggests a few parameters:
The background: Five givens:
1. An exodus
2. Moses’ leadership..
3. New territory was there’s to claim…
You get the picture..

And then, there are the two reports…
Reminder… What they were told to do and not told to do!

What does the author note about vision?
I’ll remind you!

When the majority lack vision, their shortsightedness tends to take a severe toll on those trying to lead.” Pg. 86
Or this…

“It is doubtful that the majority has ever been right”…pg. 87

The essence of vision
1. A- Attitude
2. B- Belief
3. C-Capacity
4. D- Determination
5. E- enthusiasm

How does the author end this chapter?
Compelling? You decide!


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