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Note: 10.17.12

Title: What disciples do in final review

Lesson 20


As we have been watching the disciples over the past 2 1/2 years in their walk about with Jesus; we are anxious to pull from his holy interactions with His Father and timely interactions with his disciples, principles that can improve ours.

The Overview:

Disciple making in the home stretch. The few days between the anointing of Jesus by Mary and the Passover were well occupied by an itinerary filled with public and private confrontation about the nation, it’s leaders, and the future. He had been asked about the reaches if His authority, challenged by His clearing of the temple, entrapped by questions of loyalty, and demeaned about His statements concerning the resurrection. In short, He reminded them of the strength of His person and the stronger arm of His sovereignty.

The talk:

So then, these days were filled with the stuff of righteousness and His return. So important was this material to the disciples that it left a powerful impression upon their minds so as to occupy five chapters of Matthew’s gospel.


  1. Sifting out the topics-then the leaders: Matt.20-22
  2. One more time from the top: Hypocrisy kills: Matt.23
  3. Fleshing out the future: Matt.24-25

The First task: to discover what issues matter and why. Matthew 21-22

What does the Bible say?

What images does Jesus leave behind for His disciples to catch?

A.B. Bruce writes,

Blessed is He who is not afraid of Christ’s sternest words; who far from stumbling at those bold prophetic utterances, has rather found in them an aid to faith at the crisis of his religious history, as envincing an identity between the moral sentiments of the Founder of the Faith and His own, and helping him to see that what he may have mistaken for, and what claimed to be, Christianity, was not that all, but only a modern reproduction of a religious system which The Lord Jesus Christ could not endure, or be on civil terms with.


And what about hypocrisy?
The courage to tell it like it is! Matt. 23.

And now, the future!
The disparity between the burdens of Jesus and His Disciples!

  • Looking with your own eyes vs looking with a view toward eternity!
  • They see the surface attractions of religious charlatons. He sees a profaned religion of convenience and hypocrisy.
  • They see the immediate present. He sees the eternal present.
  • They see the pride of a national treasure worth gloating over. He sees the pride of national hypocrisy worth crying over.

And so the questions: Mark 13:3
What about Jerusalem ?
What are the signs of your coming?

  1. The appearance of false Christs
  2. Wars and more to come
  3. The nature of the pressures upon the physical world
  4. Persecutions that follow the godly.
  5. The sifting of the church
  6. The evangelization of the world

Let me illustrate: Fig tree
The point: not a harvest ending fruit but a harvest yielding time.


Message for them: Stay focused

A message for us! Stay usable


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