Note: 10.3.12: learning the habits of grace

From Evernote:

Note: 10.3.12: learning the habits of grace

A review of the lessons

  • Self sacrifice and reward
  • Self sacrifice and reward: but we have followed you
  • Self sacrifice and reward: equal pay? Equal reward? And grace

Getting started!

The disciples follow Jesus on his last trip back to Jerusalem, now mere weeks from Jesus’ death.
The rising of Lazarus: John 11:54
The message of their master: Matthew 20:17-19; Mark 10:34
Their thinking : Luke 18:34
A certain awe is pervading the group: Mark 10:32

  1. First time he discusses his death in terms of crucifixion
  2. First time his portrays his death in terms of Ransom

But the disciples are deaf to it: Luke 18:34
Question: why is our spiritual reasoning often clouded?
What place does Spiritual focus have in our lives? Luke 19:11
Not hard for us to imagine in a world addicted to fame: American Idol, America’s got talent, The voice, etc

Fame, fortune, and drooling for power.

These two, James and John, the most zealous and the most ambitious. A connection?
And what about their mother? What do we know about Salome? Mark 15:40-41
The bigger relationship: Mary and Salome are sisters. Salome is Jesus’ aunt. The twins are first cousins.
Interesting, they come kneeling!
What comes to mind when you think of the request?

  • Ignorance?
  • Presumptuous ?

What kind of kingdom do we want when the highest places are available for favor and sale?

The selfishness of this request:

  1. The fellow disciples
  2. The wider influence of the Gospel: give us what we want, even though that will that will bring with it discontent among others and confusion about the kingdom.
  3. And then: what about leadership that yet are not able to see and evaluate their own failings? The value of keen insight: (Augustine and the pear tree! )

Answering immaturity: Jesus stands them down!

By passing up rebuke, he centered on their ignorance. "You do not know what you are asking"
The essence of the kingdom is…
The advancement in the kingdom is wrought by______ rather than ________.

Are you able, Jesus asks?…"Oh yes, bring it on", is the response!

The irony here? It will come to them, and sooner than they think. Acts 5:41. Such was the case when James was killed with the sword and John was sent to the isle of Patmos…

And then, the story!

Where love triumphs over position.
The other contrast, besides the utilizing of power is the manner in which it is acquired.
From Bruce

in my kingdom, on the other hand, a man becomes a great one, and a ruler, by being first the servant of those over whom he is to best rule. In other states, they rule whose privilege (my emphasis) it is to be ministered unto; in the divine commonwealth, they rule who account it (my emphasis) a privilege to minister." (Pg. 291)

Leading by example-

There is always cleanly planted before us, two roads: rhe one with all the foot traffic, and the one less traveled. which one is Jesus advancing?
The words for slave and servant:
Diakonos and doulos: slaves: men in menial service.
I like A.T. Robertson’s rendering; " one who raises a dust in haste to serve." Hobbs: pg. 278


The whole truth was, that He came to minister in the first place, that He might be ministered to in turn by a willing, devoted people, acknowledging Him as their sovereign. The point on which He wished to fix the attention of His disciples is the peculiar way He takes to get His crown; and what He says in effect is this: "I am a King, and I expect to have a kingdom; James and John were not mistaken in that respect. But I shall obtain my kingdom in another way than secular princes get theirs. They get their thrones by succession, I get mine by personal merit; they secure their kingdom by right if birth, I hope to secure mine by right of service; they inherit the subjects, I buy mine, the purchase -money being mine own life." (Pg. 292)

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