Note from 10888 Pine Bow Ct in West Olive

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Note from 10888 Pine Bow Ct in West Olive

9.9.12 Bethel: Sermon a.m. Philippians

Intro: Relationships that prosper: Apple’s Jobs and Steve Wozniak, Ronald Wayne
Back longer than anyone cares to remember, the duo of Larry Zonka and Jim kick ran havoc over most of the NFL.

Trans: relationships that profit spiritually seem to operate simultaneously on 3 levels:
I. Relationships with Christ: Review Philippians 1:1-6, specifically as saints being conformed to the image of God’s son. See also Romans 8:28 ff

II. Relationships with colleagues: those who share a spiritual level of Christ’s family.

III. Relationships with the World around him.

Who was it that once said, if you’re not moving forward, you’re moving backward. The beauty of what I’m saying is that it works: works with adults and youngsters, because nothing worse than young people being prepared to thrive with no hope of doing it, and no expectation that they share a stake in the world.

It was progress, and moving forward. 1:12-13
Will coupled with determination
Things "dominating " me. (which happened) not part of the text. Stuff doesn’t just happen to the saint. The things dominating the life of the apostle related to his imprisonment.
Ministry not curtailed, rather progressed.
Greater progress= to cut before: an army of pioneer cutters sent ahead to cut a road through an otherwise impenetrable forest making a pioneer advance into regions thought inaccessible. Paul’s circumstances have not Only failed to curtail the advance of the gospel but have actually advanced it. A large and very accomplished Practotean Guard, each taking their turn chained to the apostle.

It was progress moving outward. 1:13
Specifically: Paul’s chains have provided every soldier guarding him a front row seat to the gospel message… Constant prayers, constant conversations and endless questions from those who came to visit him.
It was progress moving inward! 1:14
Specially: those who followed him watched a great model and because of it took their own game to the next level:

  • They now speak! ( not referring to the substance of their speech but the fact of it.) one man writes, " they had broken their silence).

It was progress moving upward.1:15
Specifically: in spite of the jealousy and agenda driven attitudes of some, the Gospel was getting through and men and women were coming to a knowledge of Christ.
Paul’s critics preached too but with the glitter of triumph over Paul before their eyes.

  • Some being persuaded to think more vertically about their future…
  • Some being pressed into the kingdom of God.
  • Some being pressed to live more vertically in their relationship with Christ.

The fact that his imprisonment was unleashing the gospel and cutting fresh roads into the Roman moral wilderness, breaking the silence of believers in the region was a sweet breeze of refreshment for his tired soul.
His best hope?
My earnest expectation: great word! (3words: Away- the head- to watch): the person who with head erect, whose attention is turned away from all other distractions and riveted upon just one focus! A concentrated and intense hope… Which ignores all else, if only it might strain to focus on the one event that really matters.( Daniel’s first return from Iraq.)

Conclusions and apps

So, what does your progress and focus look like?

  1. I’m connected with the world because I love their stuff- I love the way they live, the stuff they have, and lack of being burdened down by religious stuff. Live it up. You like being with the world because it feeds your own pride of life. It also appears under the guise, "organized religion just doent suit me anymore, or that part of the Christisn life, too confining…That was Lot, that was Annanias, and that was King Saul. Is that you? [ recently encounter: formally out of work and mad at God for not allowing her to live the lifestyle she feels she should live, no time for God, no real time for her kids, and no time for the church… She’s got just what she asked for…]
  2. I’m connected to the world because I see their end. I see the destruction awaiting them… I know what crash and burn looks like and as much as I tell them, they just ignore me… That look of, hey Pastor Mark, I’ve got this one covered… No worries.
  3. In connected to the world because I see Christ beckoning me to go and join us. You’ve heard the call and see the need, and you find obedience the best course to follow. I see Christ and therefore my gate is fixed, I see his calling, and his heart beats forcefully in mine.



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