Writers App – The Biggest decision of my Life!

The Biggest decision of my Life!

8.19.12 The one Decision that changed everything Intro: my One decision to join the military had repercussions that would affect my immediate plans and those of others around me ! It’s amazing thing to consider the power of a single decision. One yes, one no, one signature can affect your entire life and those who come after you. I left college in the spring of 1976, fully intending to enroll at a local college in the area: my plan to study criminal justice. Once home, after the first year of college I began to explore the possibilities of the military- specifically the GI bill provisions for education and home loans. Before long, in fact without my parents even knowing about it, I signed the papers, and being all of 18 1/2 years of age, I dutifully returned home to notify my stunned parents of the fateful direction of my life. Needless to say, they were crushed but recognized my reasons were valid. The next few years were stressful, if not challenging and exciting at the same time. Even though our family had traveled much during my youth, we had never flown on an airplane, never traveled abroad; furthermore, I had never fired a gun ( or a rifle, as I now was required to call it). I was now doing all of that and more… But it was here– while wearing the uniform–that I began to catch a vision for communicating ideas– it was here that I returned to a college classroom to study, , and it was here– in a place so far from my expectations, that I met the love of my life, and it was here where I got my first taste of ministry, as a youth director for Deb’s home church.

The decisions Paul made in The key moments of his life were part of clear vision if God that he articulated in his words and his works


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