Big shoes to Fill

Intro: Interesting to observe the changes that occur when their is a transition to new leadership. Its always a great challenge to perpetuate the kind of vision that will represent the dreams and direction of the individual while recognizing the need for mid-course corrections that an organization may see as necessary. We all aware of some of how that works on a presidential level: My mom used to have a little concern every election year because she worked for the county under an elected official who stood for election every 4 years, and the winner could hire and fire who he wished. I’ve watched it happen at Focus on the family, just recently at Prison Fellowship, and I understand that plans have been laid down at Grace to You, where John MacArthur ministers.
Title: Big Shoes to fill!
Background: By now stepping in and out of Luke’s window of visibility, very aware of the progress of his own development as well as that of churches that bear his impact.
Text: Acts 20: 4-
Big Idea: So the challenge remains– forward movement that will not sound a retreat when you’re gone…Whether at the corporate headquarters or family central, what we do in the priorities of our lives proves pivotal to the shape of the work we leave behind.

Points of contact: Each stop on Paul’s itinerary was another opportunity for Paul to explore another opportunity and expand his reach a little further. Nothing makes a ministry more desirable than breaking new ground if that ground includes new connections.

The perfect interview questionnaire… If Paul were looking for a pastoral position!
How I acted in specific situations: 20:18-21; 26-27; 33-35.
• A sleepy seeker: certain young man named Eutychus… The pastor’s dream… A man who just keeps listening, getting lost in the message of the speaker.
• My work with churches and individuals. I served in very visible arena while never setting aside the strength of coaching individuals. I once applied for a pastoral position that farmed their search out to an outside consulting agency, where it became increasingly clear that they were looking for a CEO paper shuffler, and not someone who would engage them creatively and constructively from the Word… I remember writing them saying, “I wonder how cantankerous Paul would have been to their rubber stamping paper pushing corporate style?
• Specifically: he was a “whole counsel” guy, not slacking on the admonition in favor of the encouragement… No shortage of reasoned argument for the sake of an ” easy believeism and a shallow commitment. I can’t imagine Paul’s ministry utilizing the quickly saved evangelistic technique practiced by so many in the evangelical world.

• Where I see myself in (5) years.20:22-25). Interestingly enough, Paul had no clue where he would might wind up in the next 5 months let alone the foreseeable future.
But what’s amazing…
Without knowing where he’d be and how he’d be, he knew well enough what he would be found doing. (Ephesians 4:1)You may think well enough about the consistency of your career but what about the consistency of your calling? Your job may change, lose it, change it or modify it but your calling never changes and it has specifically been crafted, sharpened, and designed to be used, used often and used well.
[illus:…World Magazine]

Where I see you: ( the company). 20: 28-31)
Consumed from without:
Cunning from within:

Where my hope lies for the future: 20:32

WRAP- UP APPS! Where you see your future? What kind of world will you pass on to your kids? Are there Monuments in your future or ministries?
What’s your spiritual resume look like?
• Objective: Where is your real priority? When God calls you home, what will be your greatest achievement ?
• Education: Are you informed about what’s necessary to participate in God’s world.
• Relevant experiences: what kind of past experiences have qualified you to belong participate in God’s family.
• References: who can we call to verify your qualification for heaven?
If our confession is not a testimony of knowing Jesus on earth… Than His confession to the Father will not be a testimony of knowing us in Heaven.

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