The job must be Done

2.1.12: Bethel:
Title: the Work must be done!
Theme: Getting the project off the ground
To understand and model leadership that pursues a project from its inception to completion
To understand and model leadership that shares the burden with those who are led
To understand and model leadership that fosters intrinsic motivation to succeed.

Text: Nehemiah 3
The launch:
As Nehemiah settles into the project we should be able to discern 3 specific levels of project management.
The examination necessary to understand the project
The motivation necessary to sell the project
The execution necessary to complete the project.

The examination necessary to understand the project.
This we saw last time as Nehemiah rode amongst the ruins examining the state of disrepair, making careful notes, and getting his mind around the parameters of the project.

Truth notes
The motivation necessary to sell the project
This we also looked at last time and involves the passion of a leader, his identification with those under his leadership, and his vision for equipping others to get the project completed.

The execution necessary to complete the project:
In this case the execution necessary to complete the task will involve the perspiration that comes from getting involved. That it why Lincoln made regular visits to the battlefield during the Civil War to assess the progress and confer with his generals.
Author John White notes, “Nehemiah was not the type of leader who avoided sweating…Nehemiah refused to spare himself.”

I find it very interesting that Nehemiah undertook to identify a wide range of help: everyone from priests, masons, and carpenters; and to best apply the pool of resources he has available. To those living closest to their homes, their work will be executed on that portion of the wall closest to their home. This accomplishes the dual purpose of becoming the most efficient process on a day in and day out basis, and it fosters the desired internal (intrinsic) motivation that will have the greatest success in guaranteeing a positive end to the project. Who wouldn’t be motivated to protect your own home from the threat of intruders or violence?

Donald Phillips, writing on leadership says, “he is a perfect example of what James MacGregor Burns termed a “transforming leader” — a person who aims for the evolution of a new level of awareness and understanding among all members of an organization. Such a leader rejects the use of naked power and instead attempts to motivate and mobilize followers by persuading them to take ownership of their roles in a more grand mission that is shared by all members of the organization.” pg. 172

The principles we can take from this lesson
In any project it is important to make a thorough assessment of both the project parameters and the available resources; men and material.
How should these resources be used? Who should be doing what and why does it matter?

The goal in any project taken on is a successful completion.
How do we encourage the strongest commitment and why does it matter?

What can we learn about leadership and organization
The organization is not the answer.
The leader is not the answer
The organization,with the leadership, in harmony with the Spirit and in concert with their giftedness, seeing the great need that exists and authentically appraising their own giftedness become the answer in the hands of a God who desires that they succeed.

Let me see if I’ve got it:
The organization is involved. They share the vision.
The leader is involved. He shepherds the vision.
The Spirit of God is involved. He shapes the vision.
Our giftedness is involved. It accommodates our vision.
Discernment is involved. It tailors the vision.
Perseverance is involved. It greases the vision.
Success is involved. It rewards the vision.


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