Finding the right stuff

Bethel B. Wednesday:1.19.12
Looking for Real Leaders

Read the passage: Nehemiah 2:1-10
What jumps out at you?

What are the challenges associated with Getting on with our life?

A cupbearer’s resume? The ideal candidate?

The stuff necessary to build good relationships, deal with our past anxieties, and confront our present fears.

Holding out for God’s timing: The challenge of restraint our anxiety while we harness that energy for prayer:
2. Finding the sweet spot of God’s will. From Kislev to Nisan is some 4 months. Catch the king in a good mood?

3. Learning the rules and playing by them:
Deference due the king: ( one historian: placing the right hand with palm facing mouth so not to defile king with their breath). (b) the right attitude before the king: feelings hidden (c) May the king live forever: I Kings 1:31; Daniel 2:14;3:9
Understanding priorities:,no mention of Jerusalem by name. Looking for something deeper than permission– sympathy for ancestral tombs and their desecration.

4. Then there is the value of relationship. (Leadership) (a) What kind of relationship had Nehemiah built that aroused no suspicion in ArtaXerxes? NAB: “I was seized with great fear” confronting the anxiety aroused at the realization that this same king had torched this same project in the past.(Ezra 4:17-23).

5. Learning to pray on the fly: while no substitute for the thoughtful prayers if disciplined mind, great value in the “at any moment” cries of a “not ceasing” servant. I’m struck by Nehemiah’s recognition of the gravity of the situation but greater weight of glory in His real help.(4:4,9; 5:19; 6:9,14; 13:14)

6. The benefits of a solid work record: Hadn’t made the country song, “Take this job and shove it”, his own. Why is that valuable?
He receives a leave of absence
He receives safe passage
He receives armed Escort
He benefits from the influence of the wife

7. And finally, there is always resistance
Sanballot from Akkadian: Northwest of Jerusalem, guarded main road to Jerusalem.,[Sin, the moon god has given life]: chief political opponent to Nehemiah ; a governor’s position in Samaria.
Tobiah: Yahweh is good; Judaized Ammonite. Descendant of aristocratic family in Gilead…the governor of Ammon in the Transjordan.
Their resistance to Nehemiah not merely religious but politically and power related, fearing a change in status quo with Nehemiah’s arrival.





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