Discipline Of Celebration


The perpetual search for joy so elusive to many is available in quantity, quality, and bound up in the truth of God
Celebration is central to all the disciplines for without it, they become mere duties, dry, repetitive acts that grind down the spirit that lies within us.
Without the joy of God sustaining us we will soon cease to practice them.

Text: Philippians 4
Practice makes perfect:

  1. Anxiety released
  2. The prayers are offered and the help received
  3. The mind is centered 4:8


Keeps us from taking ourselves too seriously

Allows for periodic readjustment in our lives
( This a particularly needed corrective for a cynical, depressed, and medicated culture)

Provides needed perspective

Proves to be contagious:


What the Word teaches us
Text: Ps. 150

  • Noisy,spontaneous, jubilance
  • A multitude of expressions
  • A Holy experience: (see Exodus 15:20; 2 Samuel 6:14,16) The question to be answered? Why?

What experience and common sense teaches us
Laughter is good for the soul: Norman Cousins
( Jesus and some of the parables)

The value of a spiritual imagination
Has creativity been replaced by technology?

The necessity of engaging family

The challenge of celebrating in communities:

  • Church
  • City/ township/ residential
  • Festivals/ reunions/ cultural background enjoyed

Final thought from Richard Foster,
… We have seen how meditation heightens our spiritual sensitivity, which in tern, leads us into prayer. Very soon we discover that prayer involves fasting as an accompanying means. Informed by these three disciplines, we can effectively move into study which gives us discernment about ourselves and the world and the world in which we live.
Through simplicity we live with others in integrity. Solitude allows us to be genuinely present to people when we are with them. Through submission, we live with others without manipulation, and through service we are a blessing to them.
Confession frees us from ourselves and releases us to worship. Worship opens the door to guidance. All the disciplines freely exercised bring forth the doxology of celebration.
The Classical disciplines of the Spiritual life beckon us to the Himalayas of the Spirit. Now we stand at timber line awed by the snowy peaks before us. We step out in confidence with our Guide who has blazed the trail and conquered the highest summit.

See the article from Christianity Today and Dallas Willard, ( October 10, 1980), Discipleship: for Super Christians only?)

Mark J. CongrovePastor: Bethel Baptist church, South Haven, Mi.
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