Rolling along

When conflict comes…

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Rolling along

Bethel: 11.26.11

Text: Acts 15;



Rescuing victory from defeat!

The ugliness unleashed by Japan against the United States at Pearl Harbor proved far more beneficial for the war effort and eventual allied victory than what anyone could realize at the

time. ( Johnson)


The environment that these men had served in and the circumstances under which they had struggled through had drawn them into a tight confidant of purpose and strategic planning.

Both of these men were passionate in their own ways and motivated by Godly integrity for the specific areas of ministry that God had entrusted to them.

What transpired was motivated by their earnest interest to take the ministry further and deeper into the Roman Empire.

They both had proved faithful under adverse if not challenging conditions and saw now before them the potential for growth and expansion.


The fascinating aspects of this team, making them so effective were the very differences that became such sharp barbs between them.

Both were passionate about the necessity of a changed life in Christ… It’s possibility, it potential and it’s pursuit.

Both understood the necessity of a shared effort, the presence of a partnership, and the reality of sharpening one another.

What bothered Paul was that John Mark had failed him and the work of God, had walked way at the critical time, and that given the opportunity would walk away again. He may have lost faith in a man whose sympathies he believed lay more with the church that was than the church that he believed should be.

What bothered Barnabas was the fact that Paul was so rigid; that success for him was wrapped up so tightly in past performance rather than future potential. He lived out a life of compassion believing that John’s best year lay forward and future rather than in the rear view Murrow and forever eclipsed by his one failure.


As tough a moment, it became an entry point for an intentional multiplication of their work.

As hard to imagine, it simplified the effort by placing two Roman citizens in the Harnass.

As counterproductive as conflict seems, it clarified the the giftedness if each and set each better in a position for mutual respect.


  1. God’s vision for his church is broader than often we can see. We get too comfortable with seeing our world in black and white rather than in a multitude of shades and textures.

    ( Swindoll: Doctrine)

  2. God’s pursuit of His people is often much stronger than we can grasp. We must see the range if potential in others and find colleagues and mentors who can help them grow beyond us.
  3. God’s perspective of the moment is often far more eternal than we can process. If neither if these two men could see the outcome of what only seemed difficult, then both would come to appreciate the friendship and legacy that they were leaving.( Those who have shaped

    my lives: Dorthy Davis…)

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