Able to teach and willing to impact

Men at Work
Earlier this evening I spent some quality time with dear friends and former parishioners where the subject of teaching was raised. As godly men we desire to leave a lasting impact in the lives of others we come in contact with but we are often persuaded that that impact can only be achieved in one specific format.

A wise man once taught me that some of the best teaching provided may never happen in a formal classroom but in the throws of a needed building project or in the midst of a crisis where truth and application are shared freely; where opportunities for feedback are freely welcomed, and where the practice necessary to succeed in life is freely encouraged if not carefully and intentionally observed.

The other day I received a note from an individual with whom I do business with reminding me that the God I worship is important in my consideration of family and priorities. The neat thing? This is a person for whom I have been praying that God would open the right door of conversation through which I can communicate the gospel message with passion and a winsome attitude.
So here’s to the many avenues through which good teaching can be delivered into the lives of people who need it most.


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