A new and better mousetrap

Sunday morning: 10.23.11 AM

From Evernote:

A new and better mousetrap


The toughest job you’ll ever love to do. Kennedy and the Peace Corp.

On March 1, 1961, Kennedy signed Executive Order 10924 that officially started the Peace Corps. Concerned with the growing tide of revolutionary sentiment in the Third World, Kennedy saw the Peace Corps as a means of countering the stereotype of the "Ugly American" and "Yankee imperialism," especially in the emerging nations of post-colonial Africa and Asia.[12][13] Kennedy appointed his brother-in-law, Sargent Shriver, to be the program’s first director. Shriver fleshed out the organization with the help of Warren Wiggins and others.[4] Shriver and his think tank outlined the organization’s goals and set the initial number of volunteers. The program began recruiting in July 1962.

Big idea: the joy of building a better mousetrap


expansion is founded on the realities of opportunity, effort, and risk. How we negotiate an acceptable balance between the opportunities provided, the strategies put forth through our efforts, and the potential risks before us, is key to the growing of a new idea.

Trans: maybe that will help us understand the distinctiveness provided in any such endeavor where Christ’s power has been appropriated through the power of intercessory prayer.



In the midst of an ongoing ministry effort, John Mark calls its quits:

The fact that it happens may not surprise us but it’s the why that intrigues us.

  • He was discouraged and missed comforts of Jerusalem
  • Resentment at the relegation of his cousin to second place.
  • He felt keening the tension from Jerusalem in now moving the ministry intentionally toward the Gentiles
  • Or he sensed the difficulty of watching Paul languish climbing the high plateau toward the relief that might come in the higher altitudes surrounding the Pisidian Antioch.

Just so it doesn’t surprise us people will fail us, allow their lives to become convoluted with so much stuff that they one way or another walk away.


Steve jobs: failing is part of the growth model a certain amount of unconventional thinking is welcomed, and creativity is to be cultivated.

The growth approach to the Gospel was changing in its scope: the Same gospel but delivered to a broader audience.

This was a historical sermon, reminding this synagogue audience of the connection between God’s interest in Israel and the expanding interest in Gentile audience

Q: Why did the missionary team find themselves in Pisidian Antioch?

The Why: Paul maybe ill

The what: a fuller gospel is unpacked for those who find it the most important discussion of their week..(if not you)

The how: the Gospel now delivered in terms of: Grace, Law, Sin, Justification, and, Faith: (38-39)

It was Luther who so declared Luke’s interest and preference for understanding Grace. He writes,

"It should be noted that by this book St. Luke teaches the whole of Christendom…that the true and chief article of Christian doctrine is this: we must all be justified alone by faith in Jesus Christ, without any contribution from the law or help from our works. This doctrine is the chief intention of the book and the author’s principle reason for writing it."

Paul brings together The OT’s redemptive history and the mission and mind of Jesus; recognizing that both have messianic significance.

What Paul would write about just months later in Galatians 1:11

What Paul would later revel in for the church at Ephesus.


There were those as with any gathering of people, who were genuinely interest and consumed with Paul’s teaching and direction.

They "begged" to hear more… (42)

But then…

Amazing to me the selfishness executed by men and women when they perceive that they stand ready to lose something they love to control/ execute , even if they evidence no real commitment to it.

Their precious synagogue was being overrun by these Gentiles; the very ones Paul now seems obsessed to include in the gospel message.

Is. 49:6


  1. Can we create something here that the community wouldn’t believe unless it was to attribute it to God’s presence in this very place? God said, I’m going to do something that no one will believe… Lord, can it be here?
  2. Can we build something here that will be durable, stable, and forward thinking. A ministry that builds truth into the lives of its people- a ministry whose front door is more crowded than those going out the back.
  3. Can we articulate the message of Christ so clearly and magnanimously that people are drawn to ask more… Who want you around them because they know you truly, earnestly care about them and their relationship with Jesus.

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