Wanted? Daily piercing of the soul

Wanted? Daily piercing… Of the soul

Just about 180 days ago I returned from a first ever bicycle ride to Baltimore as part of an inaugural fundraiser for Lakeshore Pregnancy Center.
It took less than a week following our return to discover that we already sorely missed the fellowship and comradery that The Ride provided. We all manifest a thankful heart for the generous supporters who helped make this grand adventure an unqualified success through donations totaling $27,000.00.
Now, these many days later we are preparing for the 2010 ride 4 life to Dallas, Texas and anticipate another great challenge; another great group of riders; another wonderful support team; and thankfully, the same great God. But here lies the real challenge for us. The ride offered us a platform to examine our lives through elements such as exertion and stress, sacrifice, and suffering, pride and purpose, just to name a few. If these components of our adventure offer me only present help and leave me asking no deeper questions about myself than the strength needed to climb the next hill, they have failed to deliver the lessons that can draw me closer to the God I love and make me more effective to the kingdom I inhabit. My life, and I suspect your life as well, shows regular need for the “Anvil work” of God’s Spirit as He shapes us, and strips us of the dross so conducive to rust and stagnation. Someone once quipped, that if I fail to come apart for rest and needed reflection, I may “come apart”, and ultimately fail in my responsibility to offer salt to a tasteless world, and light to a world walking aimlessly through darkness to find it’s way. Worse yet, the work that is clearly Divine becomes ours and now only mine.
I am only now more fully processing the truths that God brought our way over those ten days in August and September. God has showed himself strong throughout all of the past year for which this bike ride was only a part. My prayer for you remains, that He will refresh your soul, pierce through your heart, and quicken your steps toward the glory of the kingdom and the least of those who await your investment in their lives.

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