A Fresh look at Leadership and Wisdom

Having spent now some four weeks teaching a class on Christian Principles in Business, I have reflected upon the necessities of a Christian worldview and a kingdom view of work, only to conclude that the wisdom for success in business is best drawn from the writer of Ecclesiastes, who wrote that at the end of the day, our best effort is to fear God and keep the commandments. So in drawing upon the character lessons from the great lives of Scripture, and feasting upon the skillful living found in the Psalms and Proverbs, I gravitate again to a God who cannot lie, and his Word which will not fail, and principles that will age beyond their potential for obsolesence and uselessness.
The writer of The Valley of Vision has it right when he wrote, “thine has been the vigilance that has turned threatened evil aside; thine the supplies that have nourished me; thine the comforts that have indulged me; thine the relations and friends that have delighted me; thine the means of grace which have edified me…thine the book, which amidst all my enjoyments, has told me that this is not my rest, that in all my successes one thing alone is needful, to love my saviour.
He ends with,
“while I hope for pardon through the blood of the cross, I pray to be clothed with humility, to be quickened in the way, to be more devoted to Thee, to keep the end of my life in view, to be cured of the folly of delay and indecision, to know how frail I am, to number my days and apply my heart unto wisdom”
Now that’s may make for real leadership.

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