The Real Haitian reality

Ps. 10:5… Why do you hide yourselves in times of trouble? The question asked in an article in this week’s Newsweek. Maybe Haiti actually has the answer for us. The most viable picture of ourselves is aided by the visible image of the destitute nature of the Hatians. Our lot is one of the individual and the culture, destitute of grace. The real believer and the Hatian recognize that desperate conditions have laid waste our presumptuous images of ourselves. We are in great need, and no amount of finacial aide, window dressing or stimulus can hide the reality of our hopeless condition: alone, naked, in peril of our most basic needs–Haiti much closer to the reality of the Christian life than the images associated with much in evangelical Christianity. “Thank God”, the author of the valley of vision has written, “that I am not left to feel after thee in the darkness of my nature, nor to worship thee as an unknown god. Thou hast… Revealed thy will in the scripture of Truth.”
Finally, the real antidote for the Hatian crisis for our own life is found in The Valley of Vision…(pg.351) In it, we finally get the vision we need to really see from the Scriptures themselves:

“Thou hast caused it to be preserved, translated, published, multiplied, so that all men may possess it and find Thee in it. Here I see thy greatness and they grace, thy pity and thy rectitude, they mercy and thy truth, thy being and men’s hearts; Through it thou hast magnified they name, and favoured mankind with the gospel. Have mercy on me, for I have ungratefully received thy benefits, little improved my privileges, made light of spiritual things, disregarded thy messages, contended with examples of the good, rebukes of conscience, admonitions of friends, leadings of providence. I deserve that thy kingdom be taken away from me. Lord, I confess my sin with feeling, lamentation, a broken heart, a contrite spirit, self-abhorrence, self-condemnation, self-despair. Give me relief by Jesus my hope, faith in his name of Saviour, forgiveness by his blood, strength by his presence, holiness by his Spirit: And let me love thee with all my heart.” The Valley of Vision, pg. 351, from Scriptural Convictions.

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