Full of Trouble

Ps. 150
The final day
Our worlds are filled with trouble
“Man, who is born of a woman, is short-lived and full of turmoil” ….Job 14:1

In the midst of a colleague’s world of concern for her parents I find my own father’s trouble to be some paralysis in his hands. Is it a mini-stroke? Did the discomfort he was experiencing last evening have anything to do with this?
With that as an apparent inconsistent backdrop, appears Ps. 150 for the close of this year.
My praise for God and all his works seems to cover all the spectrum of my vantage point–
1. What I do, in developing a praise vocabulary.
2. Where such praise is to be offered?
3. Why such praise is needed
4. How this praise is offered

Calvin writes at length–
“Nor was it without reason that God under the law, enjoined the miltiplicity of songs, that he might lead men away from those vain and corrupt pleasures to which they are excessively addicted, to a holy and profitable joy. Our corrupt nature indulges in extraordinary liberties, many devising methods of gratification which are preposterous, while their highest satisfaction lies in suppressing all thoughts of God. This perverse disposition could only be corrected in the way of God’s retaining a weak and ignorant people under many restraints, and constant exercises. The Psalmist, therefore, in exhorting believers to pour forth all their joy in the praises of God, enumerates, one upon another, all the musical instruments which were then in use, and reminds them that they all ought to be consecrated to the worship of God. Pg. 366 Calvin

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