Hitting the hurdles in stride

My reading for this morning is “to the mark” for the “dailies” of my life: Consider these words from the contributor to the VALLEY OF VISION:

“Four evils attend my ministry– The Devil treads me down by:

Discouragement and shame… arising from coldness in private meditation.

Carelessness possesses me from natural dullness and dimness of spirit; because in the past I have met with success and been highly regarded, so that it does not matter if I have now failed.

Infirmities and weakness are mine from want of spiritual light, life, and power, so that souls have not been helped, and I have not felt thee to be near.

Lack of success has followed even when I have done my best.”

Did you catch those four potential hurdles?

1. Discouragement and shame

2. Carelessness

3. Infirmities and weaknesses

4. Lack of success

All four of these and more can attack us in the marketplace, our ministries, and in our minds

  1. Discouragement may come, not from the coldness of the outside world, but from the coolness of our own heart toward the great realities found in Christ.
  2. Carelessness may find us, while we are yet most satisfied with our “performance”, so that we see not the end of our personal pride
  3. Infirmities and weakness, drive us more to our own “poorness” that return us to the source of strength in God
  4. Lack of success can spiral us downward as we come to regard our worth in Christ as synonymous with our “own effort”

So how do I survive and conquer each of these hurdles?

The short answer:

  1. Encouragement results from finding Christ the source of my hope and joy
  2. Carelessness is conquered by an ever present reality of my “real” nature
  3. Weakness is matched by a regular reminder of my possession in Christ
  4. Success is achieved in “Being” not becoming…

Or as the author of the words I began with remind me…

“But thou has shown me that the glory of everything that is sanctified to do good is not seen in itself, but in the source of its sanctification.”

That will keep me moving down the road…

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