Climbing and resting

“I am in the foothills when I should be on the heights”
So says the writer of a book entitled, The Valley of Vision.
In a world so driven to get ahead, far too many are content to pass their time in the meer foothills of their quest without ever venturing into the higher ground of what is possible. Our restless hearts give way to unwise principles affected at a frantic pace, without the benefit of thoughtful relection and time to see the greater consequences to ourselves and others.
What I needis:
More decision in my character where indecision provokes weakness.

More vigour in my purposes where stagnation fosters fear and doubt,

More elevation in my life where feat of clay and loss of balance are “king”

And more Fervour in my devotion where casual living and “self- confidence” command my will.

Put simply:
I need faith in God
I need courage to run the race
I need discernment, to do what’s right,
And I need principled power to be consistent.

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